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Denmark is situated is northern Europe; it is one of the Nordic countries and part of Scandinavia. Greenland and the Faeroe Island are also part of Denmark consists of the Island peninsula and a large number of big and simple Island. The country is relatively flat and lightest point rising to only 173m. About 65 percent is farmland, 11 percent woodland and the rest is built –up areas roads and lakes. The winter is wet, and with only little snow, the temperature falls to 5-10 degree centigrade in the winter, where as the summer temperature raises tom 15-25 degree centigrade. The population numbers 5.3 million people, and the population density is 120 people per square kilometer.

The capital is Copenhagen with around 1.2 million inhabitants. Copenhagen –often called the pairs of the north has an old, historical centre and a large network of pedestrian streets bicycles path and parks.

The official language is Danish and most people understand and speak English. The educational level of population is high with 77% of a year group completing a vocationally qualifying education. Adult learning plays a considerable role in the educational system and many Danes participate is some kind of formed and informal learning. Denmark is also known for its many local associations and organizations at grassroots level.

Accommodation and living Expenses:
The monthly rent varies from DKK 1,750 to DKK 2,600. The present living expenses for the average students in Denmark are estimated to approximately DKK 4000 to 5000 per month.

  • Age most is below 30.
  • 10+2 passed


Student at higher educational programs are normally allowed to work 15 to 20 hours a week (full time work during the summer holiday) after school hours. The salary for the student jobs is approximately DKK 100-150 per hour.

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